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Re: A nice problem to have!

Yeah, it's going on the ground floor, solid concrete, no basement. (I'd thought of that too!)

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From:    Arild Madsen Arild.Madsen@chello.no
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Subject: Re: A nice problem to have!

  I have just worked out a deal for a 2,275Litre aquarium, very cheap ($220!). 
  Now, in a phone conversation with Pete Liptrot, he asked me what I was going to do with it, something which hadn't occurred to me! What do you lot suggest? The dimensions are 3.5x1.0x.65metres

  did you mean 6.5 meters?  i can't imagine a 65 meters long fish tank... 

If you lock closer it says .65 meaning 0.65 meter. :)

Ihope you have a floor that can withstand the weight.

Arild Madsen

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