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Re: What's being sold as Borellii in Bay Area?

The fish in question has a straight, solid lateral line which stops before reaching the caudal spot. The caudal spot is rectangular and although quite large, does not go all the way to the top or bottom of the caudal peduncle. The dark markings strongly resemblethose of the A. Geisleri in Linke and Staek's page 52. I'm partially color-blind so I don't rely on color very much but I've been told the color of the spangling is metallic blue. The shop owner said the spectacular male that I picked reminded her of a Jack Dempsy.

Mike Wise wrote:

Without some kind of description it will be hard to say what they are. If you
don't think they are borellii, I suspect that they might be A. sp.
Blue-head/Blaukopf/New Blue/Steel-blue. This fish has been appearing in stores
as A. borellii for about 2 - 3 years now. There are photos of this fish in
Mayland & Bork's book (p. 54) & Römer's atlas (p. 928-933). From past reports
virtually all specimens that come in are males. Most authors that I have read
claim that this is a domestic hybrid.

Mike Wise

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