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Dwarf Cichlid question

I asked this question on the aquatic plant list, and got sent here...

I have a 40-gallon planted tank with 5 Amano shrimp, 3 albino Cories, and
a 2" red-tailed shark, although in the future I may add some ghost shrimp
and/or livebearer species. I would like to add a pair or trio of some
dwarf cichlid species, but I can't make up my mind on which species. I
don't fool with my water, but my tapwater pH is 8.5 or so (should get
lower in my tank once I get my CO2 working better), ammonia is
undetectable and nitrate is low (I forget how low...). I have no clue
what the hardness is (OK, I've just recently started to understand what
hardness is!).

Any suggestions? I want something that won't kill the other fish (or
shrimp!!!), but won't die easily either. I considered rams, but I
hesitated when I heard that they are rather fragile... but if that is
primarily a concern with imported fish (whether from the Amazon on
Singapore...), I can probably track down some locally bred fish. Would
some of the easier Apistos be easier to keep? The Apistogramma genus on a
whole has a reputation for being difficult, but is it just the more
sensitive species that give it that reputation?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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