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crudy weather

Hey Everyone

This is for everyone North of Florida... lol

Seeing as how we're having such wonderful winter weather lately .....
(coughcough)... I must admit one thing... At least my fish seem to enjoy
all the bouncing around from high to low pressure.... seems every time
lately that a storm comes through... someone else spawns.
In the past week I've had my Viejita II, Cacatuoides, Borellii,
Archocentrus Sajica, Hemichromis Stellifer and a few Rift lake stuff
spawn, I know the last few AREN'T apistos.... but what the heck, they're
spawning.    So I guess i shouldnt complain anymore about the dreary
weather..... I'll have lots of nice fish for spring and summer trading

Well i just wanted to blurb alittle.... things have been quiet here
lately..... Have a nice Day!!

Little John

Ps Oh i forgot to mention awhile ago.... those Sp Maulbruter eggs......
didnt hatch..... 8-(

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