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Re: Dwarf Cichlid question

I recently read an article on "The cichlid room companion" (www.cichlidae.com) concerning the spelling of mikrogeophagus/microgeophagus.  I tried to find it again, without any luck this time, but it explained the story surrounding the name, and what the proper name was...Now only if i could remember which one was correct!?








  NaturalDTP@aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 12/01/02 21:11:35 GMT Standard Time, puravida@gmx.at

> As I have seen in my books, the right name for both is Mikrogeophagus with k
> not c ramirezi and altispinosa.

However, k is not used in latin, so correctly it should be Micro (although in
latin c is pronounced hard - like k). Genus names are always latinised. The
only exception for using k in latin names are where the Species name is named
after a person who's name contained a k - for example: Firemouth Cichlid -
Thoricthys meeki - named after Meek?

Alan W

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