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Re: increasing pH

Well here goes my 2 cents worth on this topic.

I have extremely soft acidic water... when i need to have a tank that
doesnt go too far down in pH.... anything below 6.0.... i add alittle
dolomite into the tank.   If i am using a bare bottom tank set up , i
put about 1/2 cup worth in a little jar and sit the jar in the corner of
the tank.   This leaches off carbonate hardness, which will keep the
water from being too soft and also keeps the pH up and from going too
acidic.    No this doesnt cause my tanks to be hard and alkaline.   If
used in small amounts, this has the perfect desired effect without
having a bouncing up and down pH like you will have using sodium
bicarbonate.   Using baking soda, is a temporary fix.. it will bounce
back up with water changes and also as time goes bye. 

Hence my suggestion , use alittle baby food jar with some dolomite or
crushed coral in it and set it somewhere in the corner of your tank.
I've been doing this for over ten years to keep my tanks stable.

Little John

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