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Re: increasing pH

> Hence my suggestion , use alittle baby food jar with some dolomite or
> crushed coral in it and set it somewhere in the corner of your tank.
> I've been doing this for over ten years to keep my tanks stable.

This works well for me.  I just use a nylon filter bag, tie it up and place
it into a corner.  Makes it a bit easier to remove all the coral or oyster
shell from the tank/gravel.  Can't imagine how many fish I have killed
before I started doing this.  My water is so soft and acid,the buffering is
very low.  TDS meter (if I can find the darn thing) was reading 30 ppm for
my tap.  Without the crushed coral fish die all over the fish room.  It is
nice for spawning  my A. panduro (mom has finally kept 2 babies and dad is
right there with them, I think the N. transvestitus next door keep them on
their toes) and I suspect other Apistos without the need for a RO unit, but
it does get to be a pain changing everybody's water every 3 days to prevent
a crash.... The coral works great.  But then I have easy access to crushed
coral, coral sand, ect....


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