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Re: ram fry, sigh

Hello, I need to ask you guys some questions.  I know this junk is supposed 
to be in the archives but I am tired of looking.  I finally stole some free 
swimmers from my regularly spawning gold pair.  They or someone else in the 
tank seemed to be eating the fry every time.  I have them in a little 
container meant to hold live bearer babies floating in the main tank.  I 
covered the holes with pantyhose material.  They are doing well and have been 
free swimming for probably five days.  They are eating microworms and what 
ever they find in a hunk of java moss.  I lift the container up and then 
resettle it to sort of exchange the water with fresh tank water.  When do I 
need to get them into a tank of their own?  When will they be able to eat 
bbs?  Can I do a bare bottomed five gallon for a while?  They are so 
unbelievable tiny compared to borelli and cacs.  Thanks for any answers.   

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