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Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Sanchez, and the List

I don't know all the history and I don't want to. I'm new to the apisto list, but not new to lists in general. And as far as the fledgling flame war goes, shouldn't this be handled off-list?

No one is going to gain from having list members take sides.

Rebuking someone may have its place, but that place is usually not right in front of that individual's peers.

It's alright to disagree. It's alright to not get along. But please respect the differences between private issues and a public forum.

If (after honest off-list attempts at burying the hatchet fail) it takes setting up email filters to avoid one another, then please, create them.

Lists have room for people who don't get along, as long as their angst doesn't cloud the postings and cast a pall over the whole group.


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