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Re: ram fry, sigh

Teresa wrote:

Hey, with all these posts with my subject line, only one has, like you know,
advice. Thanks Jerry, I will try the bbs today and maybe in a week, a little
tank. I have a huge spawn of blue rams on a leaf but no container to try and
hatch them in, these guys always eat their eggs, I never even see wigglers.
Thanks again, Teresa

Teresa--I can't recall which bbs are smallest, but bbs from different locations (i.e. Argentina vs. San Francisco Bay vs. Salt Lake City) may vary in the size. If you search the forums, you may be able to find a brine shrimp which is smaller at hatch time. I've heard other people at my fish club mention that their baby rams can't take baby brine shrimp when newborn. In addition, bbs grow rapidly after hatching, so you might not wait too long after hatching to use them.

Ed Pon Milpitas, California 95035

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