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Re: ram fry, sigh

I don't want to prolong the Mike Jacobs/Dave Sanchez flame. But I had to
laugh when this evening I went searching the Krib archive for information
about the lovely viejita II I bought at the weekend and the first thing I
came across was probably the start of this sorry saga - a fuss about who was
selling the real viejita back in May 1999.

Both Mike and Dave have been helpful to me in the past on this list so it is
a shame that there is continuing bad blood.

As to Teresa's rams and the relative lack of response a few new posters have
been getting, I would say this list has thinned out over the past year. The
old-timers have given the same advice many times so stuff like rams perhaps
rather bores them. The Krib has a good archive though, as does the SACSG
(where quite a few apisto list people have gone).

from John McCrone

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