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Re: ram fry, sigh

I have been fooling around with freshwater rotifers (B. calyfornicus or  B.
rubens (I think) for this purpose.  They are smaller than artemia napuli,
more mobile than microworms, and best of all can be packed with nutrients
(they are what they eat).  They are a pain to raise at times and contaminate
their greenwater supply on regular basis (I have a 100 gallon tub full of
them that is supposed to be my longfin butterfly koi tank/greenwater
production facility).  I have never tried with dwarf cichlids, only longfni
whiteclouds, rainbows, killies, etc, but they should work out well.  I
suppose I need to find another dwarf to work on..... ;-)

where it just snowed last weekend in Hawaii !!

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> I always use paramecium for my rams and other small fry to start off they
> dont die and foul the water I use them even if im feeding bbs so if there
> are any small fish (usually females)  in the spawn they have a better
> Steve

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