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Apisto ID

This apisto has had me guessing its id for months now. This is a pic. when I first rescued it on 14/9/01. It lived for over a year at the local lfs in which time it was kept with Malawi cichlids (various zebs).
At this stage I was told it was probably a female borelii. I thought that's fine because male borelli were responably easy to find.
I noticed today that this apisto has developed a red patch on the caudal peduncle and a blue sheen in its dorsal, it has lost some of the yellow in its pelvic fins and developed a pointy anal fins. It reminds me of a hongsloi.
Here is a pic of it today. It's not great but shows the red patch and the blue sheen in the dorsal.
What do people think of this? How long does the red take to appear on male hongsloi?