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Re: N Taenia egg eating!

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, David Sanchez wrote:

> "This isn't true.  CO2 level and KH (Carbonate
> > Contents) are independent of
> > each other, but ratio of the two together help
> > determine pH of the
> > water."
> Actualy your mistaken about that Eric. KH and pH both
> determine the level of CO2 in a body of water.

David, I stand by my original post.  Carbonate and CO2 together influence
pH, not the other way around.  pH doesn't determine anything, but rather
it is those OTHER "things" that determine pH.

The reason that I said the KH and CO2 "help" determine pH is because the 
pH is also determined by all other acids and bases in the water.  So if 
there is an abundance of, say, phophoric acid, this will skew the pH lower 
than you'd expect in a straight carbonic acid buffer system.

> This comes from a basic understanding of the pH equation. I have a
> table showing the relationship between KH, pH and CO2 from one of my
> college biology courses i will scan a copy and post it later when I
> get home from work.

It's also on the Krib, at

In fact, that whole directory,
has massive amounts of material on that subject.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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