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Re: cooling water down

The easiest and cheapest way I know of is to put ice cubes in a sealed bag and drop it in the water.This should work short term, I don't know whether it'll be enough long term (depends on how big your freezeer is:-). Conversely the opposite can be used in the event of a black out with "hot water bottles" used to maintain temps. Obviously you need to keep an eye on what is happening to the temps during this period. I would also check that you don't have a broken or stuck thermostat.
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From: "Greg, Cathy, Alex and Elise Harper" <harpers1@hotkey.net.au>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 17:47:13 +1000
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Subject: cooling water down

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Re: I have a 2' x 1' tank and it is too hot (about 84 degrees F).  I was wondering if anybody knows how to cool the water down without buying coolers etc.
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