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RE: Lake Kivu

thanks for all the replies, guys.  does anyone know the water parameters in lake kivu?  i understand victoria's water is less hard and alkaline than malawi and tanganyka.  

as for victorians, Astatotilapia burtonii are still around, i think.

tsuh yang

> Some years ago, Lake Victorian cichlids were being brought in because of th 
> excitement over the possible extinction of many Lake Victorian species.  I 
> can't find many of these cichlids anymore--they were popular for a while but 
> it seemed to be a fad.  Around the same time, there were some Lake Kivu 
> haplochromines that were brought in.  If you talk to old-timers, lots of 
> fish have appeared in the hobby and almost disappeared for lack of interest. 
>   Most of the haplochromines don't have enough appeal and after breeding a 
> bunch of them, they became hard to sell/dispose.  You can only sell so many 
> at the club auction, so the prices dropped.  LFS carried a few Lake 
> Victorians for a while, but now, I don't remember having seen any in stores 
> in recent memory.

> > >There was recently a brief discussion about these species on the African
> >Cichlid list at Yahoo, AfrikanCichlids@yahoogroups.com, which delineated 15
> >species of Haplochromis endemic to Lake Kivu. If any of these were 
> >imported,
> >none of them appear to be commonly (or even rarely) available.
> >> >
> >A few years back I was breeding Lake Victoria cichlids and came across the
> >topic of Lake Kivu (Africa).  I believe there are a number of haplochromine
> >cichlid species from Lake Kivu that turned up in the hobby in the United
> >States.

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