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Re: light and fry

Yvan...........My fishroom always has a light of some sort on all of the
time.....never totally dark.  Mostly I suspect it's so I don't trip over
anything when I go in there when it's dark.  However I do think that the
moon and it's phases can and do stimulate F0 fishes for sure.  I have
absolutely no proof of that......it's just that Mother Nature has things so
completely covered that a strong moon at night must help the females in some
fashion!  In particularly after watching the "Blue Seas" on the educational
channel for the last 2 days............man............mother nature has sure
got most of it covered!

.......as far as guarding the fry....the females will do a good job in 99%
of the cases but you can help her by not putting any real night time feeders
in the tank.


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
High School Math Instructor
St. Pete, Fl.

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> hi mike,
> i was using a 4W bulb above the tank where i have eggs or young fry.
> Thanks for your tips.
> Does this mean that in general everybody leaves the tanks go in the dark?
> Are the parents still taking care of the eggs (ventilating, cleaning,
> guarding...) while the light is of? Is there any publication on the
> thanks
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