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Re: extra male Aggie Alenquers

Hello Ken

Funny you mention that about my Alenquers.   I have gotten more males
from them by at least a 3 to 1 ratio male to female.... Which is why i
have extra males available...  Now in my Red/gold form... i get more
females.   Go Figure and these two breeding tanks are on the same tier,
same water conditions, same foods...just about basically the same tank
arrangement too.
I've set up a pair for breeding and i think they must have spawned....
that female is sooo yellow and chases the male alot.   Maybe this time
i'll try and raise the fry in a lower level tank, lower water temp and
see if get more girls... I know i know, spawn them in the middle row
tank tier and get 50/50 ratio...... lol

We'll see how things go with the next spawn.


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