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Re: apisto sightings in nyc

Wow ..... $50 for a pair of Cacatuoides.... OMG

You guys should move to western New York area.... one of the shops up
there has several species of apistos in stock at most times... once
while in there i counted 13 different species of apistos, not even
counting westies or other SA dwarf cichlids..... and the best part
is....The most expensive apisto pair i ever saw was $20 for the pair....
picked up Adult Nanochromis Transvestitus for $30 once..... 

Now speaking of sightings of apistos.... I was in Montreal tonight for
my Aquarium club meeting 
( Montreal Aquarium Society) and visited several shops before the
meeting... I saw those Infamous Steel Blue Face Hybrid Apistos
tonight.... there was several males ..... and like we've said before NO
females.. They were also labeled as Borellii.. which they weren't.... I
did pick up 4 really nice Mikrogeophagus Altispinosa.... looks like i
ended up with 1 male 3 females....and darn near breeding size too.  


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