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Re: sand vs gravel

I would also add that I try to avoid light colours close to the tank as they seam to prefer darker surroundings, I have MH lights over my tank but then again I also have lots of floating plants which make my fish more comfortable:-).

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Re:....I agree with Colin that beach sand might cause some hardness problems.  
Now the next question is "should the bottom be sand or gravel".......small 
grain or large????  Isn't the "natural" environment down in nature bacically sand with a covering or leaves???  My apisto's really seem to prefer sand and they move it sometimes furiously bit by bit.  Now as to color........wel, I think the leaves will give a darker color so apisto's in the wild are used to darker bottoms.........so take your choice.  Personal preferences.....I don't like the straight black sand although the apistos do show off well there I prefer the natural med. light sand...but if I was "showing" the fish I would probably opt for the dark natural sand......please don't be offended by me not liking the black sand..........you probably don't like the shirt I'm wearing either.....;-), ;-)  


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