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Re: Tank mate / Artificial hatching questions...

  Well, first off I love to get my hands on a really nice red gold Aggie. Aggies are one of my favorites.
  I've only been breeding for about a year. I believe God has blessed me with many spawns. I try to follow the parameters in the books and also the rest of the credit goes to Zman. He has been like my personal tutor along with little Zack Wilson.<G>
  So if I say anything that I say is controversial please contact Zman or Zack.<G>(My disclaimer)
  First I usually work with bare bottom tanks and do many water changes so the cycle is not an issue with me. I prefer to breed Aggies in a 20 long. When I bring an Aggie in I will use a buffer (Kent 6.0) and I also use a TDS meter.
  First couple weeks they spend they get to relax and enjoy life. I feed live foods. BBS, Very clean black worms and some of the stuff that brineshrimpdirect.com sells.
  Then I put them to work every couple of days I drop the TDS by using RO water. When the eggs are laid and fertilized I keep an eye on things. You might have to take the male out if they are the only 2 in the tank. She could kill the male. Take that seriously...I've seen it first hand and I've heard it quite often. That's what works for me.
  Hope this helps a little.... Nice clean water is always a big BIG thing.

                                                Take care