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Re: One more ? about my aggies

Jerry......I think you meant Mike Wise but anyway your explanation sounds to
me like you're ready to write a book......great recipe for keeping apistos!

.....you are right about one thing though..........what works for you may
not work for someone else......but I might add that also what works for me
is probably not the only way it's done.....just how it works for me!

You folks have a great day!


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
High School Math Instructor
St. Pete, Fl.
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Subject: Re: One more ? about my aggies

> Tony,
>   I believe Mike is more of an expert on the subject than I am. I am a
> new breeder and have had many spawns but, have also lost some fish too.
>   Mike probably doesn't remember but, I use to bug him with questions in
> beginning including how do I get rid of this green water<G> Mike is a good
> guy from what I can tell and much more learned on the subject.
>   It's funny you mentioned about the tank. Seems my beautiful Flametail
> spawned finally today after being here about a month. They were in a 20
> with one other small double red female in the tank.
>   I just so happen to get an order of Wild Cockatoos in today. I saw the
> female Flametail out and looking yellow. Actually they don't seem to glow
> much as the regular female but, they look more yellow then usual with a
> brown lateral stripe
> .
>   She seem to be out in front guarding the pot. I looked in and sure
> the pot was full of eggs. But, where were the other fish.
>    They were behind another pot beat up. The male Flametail is now missing
> part of his beautiful caudal. He is still alive and I'm trying to help him
> along but, this is what I was talking about. This isn't the first time
> has happened to me or anyone else.
>   And yes there were places for them to hide.
>   As far as RO/DI units go way back when I used the AquariumPham Tap Water
> Purifier In Philly here where water TDS is about 250ppm it would make
> 35 gallons of DI water per 15.00 cartridge. They give you stuff to add
> so you wouldn't want to drop them down too quick. At least I don't. If
> talking a 50% change in one water change for me that's a quick drop. Like
> said in my previous post. In my 20 long I'm starting around 100-150 TDS
> also using Kent 6.0 for the initial startup. I let the fish settle for a
> or two. Then I usually do a 25% change every couple days until I see the
> looking like it's in the mood. Then I stop a bit and see what happens. If
> nothing then I start dropping a little more. The whole time just checking
> with TDS meter and not adding any types of buffer.
>   Some will disagree with this but, the ultimate answer I've gotten is
> ever works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. I read some books I
> listen to people and oh yes I do pray and love my fish very much. Live
> is very helpful too. I would say a must but, that too is just my opinion.
> I won't take responsibility for anything.<G> And yes I do talk too
>                                                       Jerry...

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