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I've kept thirty-some (if not forty-some) Apisto species. The only species that I remember jumping out of the tank was A. atahualpa. I had gotten 5 or 6 wild-caughts through an import, and I put them all in a 2/3-full 10-gallon tank. (nothing unusual about that.) Then next morning I was down to 2 or 3, and within a couple of days I had just a sole survivor. No doubt about it, their temperament is not typical for Apistos.

(by the way, closer to the north pole than to the equator -- unlike "tundra" John ;-)

At 01:08 PM 3/6/2002, you wrote:
I've kept Atahualpa in the past.... I found it to be the most nastiest
apisto i ever kept...As a matter of fact, of all the apistos i've kept,
i never got them to spawn. ( yes, i did spawn the Maulbruter.... the
eggs just didnt hatch lol )..   Atahualpa dont like anything in their
tank.   I started with 2 different trios..... ended up with one fish
from 2 different tanks that were set up just for them.   In tank 1 ,
male killed female, then second female, In tank 2 Male killed female,
then second female killed male... left me with one pair  ?? right???  so
i put female and male together.... well they lived happy together for
about a month..... then she killed him.    Talk about a cold
female....8-) sorry!!!
With one female left..... she became a tank mate for my breeding pair of
Oscars..... but not for very long... hehe...

This is a gorgeous species.... but one i wont keep again , unless i plan
on trying them in a 55 gallon tank alone or a bigger tank yet set up
JUST for them.

Just my experiences with these fish... Oh my fish were wild caught fish
too.... maybe this had something to do with their Nasty disposition.

Tundra John

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