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Moved the aggies... Lost the male!!

As per my earlier posts, I've been on a quest to breed my beautiful aggies
lately.  I thought it best to move the pair to their own 10g tank.

Here's what happened:

I netted the male, moved him into the other room (in a spec container) and
placed him in the new tank.  Something in the water disagreed with him, and
I didn't realize it.  I left him in the new tank for like 5 minutes while I
went to the other room to try to net the female -- when I returned with her,
he was gasping and I think in shock (sitting upside down on the bottom)... I
moved him back to his previous tank, but he died shortly there after.  I
returned the female to the main tank, and she is doing fine.

I tested the water before I made the move.  The KH was slightly lower in the
new tank - 2 instead of 3 like the main tank.  pH was at about 6.5 after the
addition of some distilled water.  No nitrite or ammonia was detected.  I
had removed the mollies that I used to cycle the tank, and they are doing
fine.  The only other change was the additon of some brand new flower pots
from Target...  The main difference was the CO2 in the main tank -- probably
25 mg/L.

Does anyone have suggestions for what I ought to do next time?  Could the
pots be a problem?  Years ago I used new pots with no problems, so I don't
think that is it.

So, now I need another male aggie -- preferably a red!  The female is
looking pretty sad without her mate...


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