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Re: neon agassizi? &weird wild cacs

In a message dated 3/11/2002 1:44:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, apistowise@fgn.net writes:

This might be the cockatoo that comes from the Rio Putumayo.

Mike Wise

  I don't have SAC II but, the way you describe the wild cacatuoides sounds like the ones I have. I got a couple pair to see if I can breed them back to the nice triple reds I have. Just an exploration type thing. I'm past the point of wanting to get in water up to my waist and wade through the mud so I have to rely on other sources.

  Some people just have the need to breed you know. I did get them from a highly respected member of our list without mentioning any names so I know I can trust what I have.
  As far as neon Agassizii well, I've never seen them either but, you never can tell what people call things nowadays...Good day everyone.
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