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Re: six millimeter bully

Hello, folks, the little guy is still protecting the food pile. : )  Doesn't 
anyone think that this is the weirdest coolest sort of thing that we who 
breed and watch these fish get to see?  I mean this guys little brain is a 
speck and already he is different from the almost identical siblings.  His 
drive to dominate and protect his food supply is far greater than the others. 
 Why?  I mean their brains are tiny specks, yet they think and respond to 
stimuli differently.  Even these tiny fish have differing abilities and ways 
of doing things. How interesting their behaviors and tiny worlds are.  What a 
strange and wonderful world we live in!  We are indeed privileged people as 
fish breeders.  Most people never see or even think about these kinds of 
things.  Teresa

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