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Re: Evolution in a microcosm

on 3/14/02 2:40 PM, Bailin Shaw at bailin_shaw@hotmail.com wrote:

> Bring it elsewhere unless you wish to talk about apistogramma evolution.

But what if I don't believe in Apistogramma evolution? I'd like to discuss
the possibility that Apistos may be WAY too separated into individual
species. I think that many of what we call species are in fact just
selectively (natural pressures of course) bred into these variations from an
original species. The best way to test this that I can see is by breeding
tests. If we can produce viable, healthy young consistently then it is my
contention that this would mean we have one species, with individual
populations. Now this is where the controversy starts. The old definition of
species would have made this quite acceptable. However, some in the
scientific community would like to redefine species in a way more agreeable
to their evolution-based ideas.

I'd love to hear Mike's views on the subject. I would hope everyone can be
intellectually open enough to allow someone from the other side to voice
their thoughts. If I can only speak up if I believe the same as you do, then
I find that truly sad.

Zack Wilson

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