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Re: Evolution in a microcosm

on 3/14/02 2:06 PM, Anthony Baker at anthony_w_baker@hotmail.com wrote:

> When one dismisses evolution in favor of a strict "creationist" view, or
> really ANY non-evolutionary view, the necessity of a "creator" (read 'god')
> becomes obvious.

That may be true, but it is folly to think that by accepting evolution you
are removing yourself from religious bias. Evolution requires every bit as
much faith and belief without concrete evidence as any other religion. I
asked earlier for any irrefutable example of the occurrence of evolution and
have yet to get a response. It is my contention that evolution is as much a
religion as Christianity or any other view, and even there it has less
corroborating evidence to support it. Here man is his own god, and we all
know we are fallible.

But I'm not interested for the purposes of this discussion in talking about
religion. The Phylogeny of our Apistos seems like an interesting topic,
let's go with that. If Mike has some thoughts on it, I'd love to hear them.
I hope you won't fault me if I have some ideas of my own. We're all allowed
to contribute to this list, right?

I DO have years of research and study of both sides to back up my views. I
can argue for the other side more effectively than a large number of those
who do believe in macro-evolution, but I do not believe in it because I also
hold the refutation to each idea. Most of the sources that I have obtained
my information from are individuals who have devoted decades of studies with
the point of view of believing in evolution, only to find that they could
not accept it after their thorough investigations.

Those who will never have their mind changed are those who are too
concretely stuck in their views to consider an alternative and thus will not
entertain an alternative. I am prepared to change my belief as soon as
someone can prove to me I am wrong or even that they are right.

Zack Wilson
Waiting for some evidence...anything...

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