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Re: Schalke Apisto-Just a little fun between two German soccer fa ns

I have to say this...and I am NOT sorry if I offend anybody and everybody.  I joined this list to learn something about Apisto's, to hopefully make some friends and maybe some contacts in regards to this great group of fish.  BUT...all I am getting is CRAP THAT I COULD CARE A LESS ABOUT!!!  I am on 4 other egroups and NON of them go off base as bad as this.  I have just sifted though over 400 emails after deleating all the Spam and sifting though the garbage from this list I should have just deleated everything from here.  The ONLY thing good so far was the Japense web site..great pics and thanks for the link.

It has been stated MANY times..if its not about Apisto's take it some place else..that includes Evolution, Creation and Soccar/football.  I dont really give a crap about hearing anything on those topics and resent having to sift though all that email to find SOMETHING ON topic.

If this continues I will follow Johns lead and unsub from this list and start my own on Yahoo.