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DON'T LEAVE (hopefully) appropriately off-topic

one of the things that lets this list drift off-topic is that it's so well established and has such devoted regular contributors

by some lists' standards it may get a little too dysfunctional, but i think that's because it's more "family" like

i'm sorry that Kenny didn't find much good on-topic stuff lately, but i dug out some good stuff:

* catching fish in a planted tank thread

* male-only spawn issues

* mineral uptake

* compatibility Q&A

* good I.D.  Q&A

* good peat/sphagnum (one of my favorite words) clarification

* some only slightly off-topic (yet applicable) info on killies and creating worm-colonized habitats

* AND... resolutions and apologies from members who had contributed to the renting of clothes and gnashing of teeth... AND very few people actually taking their toys and going home

it's a good list

that's my story, and i'm stickin' to it

-Brad Jones

P.S. i want to remind folks that subscribing to the non-digest format prevents many of the frustrations mentioned lately. visible thread subjects, filters, and kill files can go a long way towards getting the most out of your list-serves.

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