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Re: Apistogramma

Dani, Zack Wilson is a very nice person and has a nice
list of Apistos. Also on Jeery bs Apisto ring there
are all a number of fine breeders on that ring.

Dave Sanchez

--- Mike Solito <wheels115@attbi.com> wrote:
> Danny,
>     I would be glad to help you off list. Don't want
> to use the list as a advertising tool.
> Mike
> wheels115@attbi.com
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Dani Abramovich 
>   To: apisto@listbox.com 
>   Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 3:24 PM
>   Subject: Apistogramma
>   Hi,
>   My name is Dani and i from israel.
>   I wanted to ask if someone can tell me where is
> the best place to order and 
>   buy apistogramma (at list 8 species). i'm looking
> for the best and 
>   prestigious breeders only.
>   i will appreciat any help in my search.
>   Thanks,
>   Dani.

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