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Re: Reconstituting RO/DI Water

I've got to think that adding salt is worse than adding back tap water. The water of South America has some natural balances of various ions. As I recall, Calcium is usually present by a 2:1 to 10:1 ratio over Magnesium. Sodium is usually far less present. These numbers for various biotopes are given in the Mayland/Bork book. So if your hard water has calcium and magnesium and sulfates in it, adding a little of that would make the water more like those of the biotopes. Adding NaCl would not.

For some reason, many aquarists think that if they pumped the water through an r/o system it would be a shame to put back some of what they took out. Why?! If one needs to add some hardness back and one's hard water has the right mineral mix, it would be a shame to use something else.


At 05:36 PM 3/23/2002, you wrote:
Greetings all.  List discussions have often included the use of RO/DI water
for just all about the ailments of our apistos guests.  A recent addition,
my RO/DI produces TDS 003 and pH 8 (starts at 9.2 and stabilizes at 8).
I've continued my older practice of adding a teaspoon NaCl to 5 gallons
which seemed to give the best results given my tap water.  However...

I would like to ask the list about -
How do people reconstitute their RO/DI water for apisto's?  I would offer
two categories of tanks - breeding tanks and planted community tanks (if
people agree that that makes a difference).

J Sullivan

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