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RE: Reconstituting RO/DI Water/ RO Water comes in at 5.5pH

_Pure_ water has a pH of 7.0.  But that's an extremely difficult
measurement, and almost irrelevant for fish-keeping ('cuz anthing else in
the water will change it).

Breathe on it, and you'll lower the pH... to about 5.5, which is the pH
you'll get with atmospheric CO2 dissolved in it ;)

michael kahlow

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  Pertaining to the pH of RO water. One of the guys at my fish club is a lab
tech at Aquarium Pharm. While he does agree you can't use the test equipment
at home whether it be electronic or liquid test to measure pH. Apparently
they have something in the lab they can measure it with. He told me there is
no such thing as pure RO and when measured with whatever equipment they use
it comes in at 5.5pH.
                                                    Just what I was told...
                         Not what I know for fact but, this guy is a pretty
up there fish guy.

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