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That's it! Giving up on male Aggies!!

I am through with trying to keep male aggies in my 60G planted tank!  3 down
in less than one month.  All the other fish in the tank are swimming happily
and my new Panduro's are looking great!  OTOH, the "female" I got with the
male is looking more male to my untrained eyes... Perhaps I got a sleeper.

Anyhow, I came home today, all excited about some rare plants I received in
trade that I was going to plant, only to find my new male aggie dead near my
glosso patch!  I was so excited when I got him as he seemed in prime health
and was immediately displaying to my very ripe female... Then, to find him
dead??  I don't really know why, but I am going to call it bad luck and
offer JerryB or (Brownie!) my two females at the next club meeting... If
you'll have them that is, and the "female" doesn't turn out to be a sneaky
male in disguise.

Then to make matters worse, as I was planting my new plants, I knocked over
and shattered my cheap "Galileo" thermometer. (those glass things with the
colored glass balls inside)  I had little glass pieces and whatever that
fluid is all over the place!!  What a day!


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