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A. cf. pulchra (Abracaxis) / sp. Wilhelmi

Ok Thanks to all who responded to what I thought was just a sidebar!

Yes, it would appear that my fish is the same as in the pic kindly
sent to me by Mike Wise - that is A. cf. pulchra 
(Abacaxis)/sp.Wilhelmi. The original parents were a wild caught
trio. I spawned them over and over in a 20 gallon high, with
sand bottom. The tank was sponge filtered, packed with jave moss
and fern. I never looked at the pH, but my water changes were
about 90 percent RO. The fish fed on brine shrimp, mysis, bloodworms
and tetra sinking bits. They shared the tank with a group of
beckfordi pencil fish. I currently have approximately 30 fry
of varying sizes, a few of whom are definitely sexable. I guess
my first move is to start breeding them again (and remove the
A. pucallpaensis pair from their tank).

Then I will definitely be looking for homes for the rest. However,
I haven't shipped fish before, so I'm a little unsure as to how
to proceed.

To be honest, I found the A. Hoignei and the A. galaxy? that
I've just been breeding tougher. And you all know about my issues
with borellii!

Thank you to everyone for your help.

Dominic Stones
Richmond Hill Ontario

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