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Re: A. cf. pulchra (Abracaxis) / sp. Wilhelmi

Hey Dominic, How far are you from US border? I got a suggestion in helping
you getting fishes to US if you don't live too far. If you are selling your
pulchra sp., how much will you ask for them?


At 09:17 AM 4/4/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok Thanks to all who responded to what I thought was just a sidebar!
>Yes, it would appear that my fish is the same as in the pic kindly
>sent to me by Mike Wise - that is A. cf. pulchra 
>(Abacaxis)/sp.Wilhelmi. The original parents were a wild caught
>trio. I spawned them over and over in a 20 gallon high, with
>sand bottom. The tank was sponge filtered, packed with jave moss
>and fern. I never looked at the pH, but my water changes were
>about 90 percent RO. The fish fed on brine shrimp, mysis, bloodworms
>and tetra sinking bits. They shared the tank with a group of
>beckfordi pencil fish. I currently have approximately 30 fry
>of varying sizes, a few of whom are definitely sexable. I guess
>my first move is to start breeding them again (and remove the
>A. pucallpaensis pair from their tank).
>Then I will definitely be looking for homes for the rest. However,
>I haven't shipped fish before, so I'm a little unsure as to how
>to proceed.
>To be honest, I found the A. Hoignei and the A. galaxy? that
>I've just been breeding tougher. And you all know about my issues
>with borellii!
>Thank you to everyone for your help.
>Dominic Stones
>Richmond Hill Ontario
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This is the apistogramma mailing list, apisto@listbox.com.
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