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Re: 'Wilhelmi' and Ray Blackburn - spam

Maybe only Brits can breed this fish. I'm from Yorkshire originally...


Dominic Stones
Richmond Hill Ontario

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>From: mjacobs2@tampabay.rr.com
>To: apisto@listbox.com
>Date: 4/4/02 6:28:50 AM

>Ray.....tell us about the "Wilhelmi".......I had it and tried
every trick in my 
>book to get it to spawn......even singing........but I ddn't
have the "Blue 
>Goop"....what did you do?  Water???  Food???  Tankmates??? 
size of tank???
>by the way congratulations.....tough fish...........
>> Just while we are discussing this fish, I happen to know that
there is an
>> aquarist over here in the UK with at least one large brood
of this fish, who
>> is also on this list.
>> How do I know? Because we were having a drink together on
Tuesday night.
>> And why does he never post anything about his repeated successes
with Dwarf
>> Cichlids?
>> Because he's shy (a shy Scouser! Can't be too many of those
>> So, this post is to get him to stick his head over the parapet
and let
>> people know about what he's breeding in his compact but effective
>> house.
>> Come on Ray, I know you're listening. 
>> It's the same guy who provided Colin Gorton with some lovely
fish last year,
>> Colin, you want to join the campaign to get him to stop lurking?
>> Pete.

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