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Re: A. cf. pulchra (Abracaxis) / sp. Wilhelmi

I currently live approximately 20 minutes drive north of Toronto,
Canada. This means that the nearest border crossing would probably
be Buffalo, NY, at about a 90 minute drive.

I really haven't given any thought to how much to sell the fry
for, but I will consider it and respond to all who are interested
off list.

thanks again!


Dominic Stones
Richmond Hill Ontario

>--- Original Message ---
>From: Ade Lau <adelau@uwyo.edu>
>To: apisto@listbox.com
>Date: 4/4/02 12:23:56 PM

>Hey Dominic, How far are you from US border? I got a suggestion
in helping
>you getting fishes to US if you don't live too far. If you are
selling your
>pulchra sp., how much will you ask for them?

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