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Re: apisto pandurini

> I purchased a pair of apistogramma pandurini yesterday.  They seem very
healty and active.  I have look online for some information and the closest
thing I come to is punduro.  Are they the same thing?  Looks pretty close
from what I can tell.  Anybody got any information on them for me?
> I currently have them set up in their own 15 gallon take with a guppy to
occupy them <LOL>.  From what I read should add a couple more to keep the
male busy.  I have a sword plant and a pot along with some Plastic "busy"
plants.  They are eating VERY well and am feeding them tubifex worms.  Any
suggestions would be helpful and thanks a head of time.
> Keny

Apisitogramma sp pandurini is the same fish as Apistogramma panduro, closest
relativ is the A. nijsseni.

Arild Madsen

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