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Re: NEC Workshop

Z-Man.........We'll have to put that down as one of Murphy's fish
laws.......if there are two fish speakers at the same time they are always
the only two you wanted to see.......;-)......I think that's the truth


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
High School Math Instructor
St. Pete, Fl.
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> Well Mike you did pretty good. And yes, there are a lot of clubs up north.
> The only problem I have with the NEC is you can never see all the speakers
> that are there. They have 2 speaking at the same time. In different rooms
> course. I know! I don't go to all the speakers either. But the only time I
> went there they had the two speakers I wanted to hear, speaking at the
> time. That was difficult!
>        Z Man

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