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Re: info-req on id


A. sp. Rio Preto do Candeias is a species that
belongs to the steindachneri-group found in the
Rio Preto do Candeias (just south of Porto Velho,
Brazil). A. sp. Erdfresser/Earth-eater/Lyretail
Purus/Rondonia is a species belonging to the
pertensis-group. It is the same species that is
erroneously listed as "A. pulchra" in Römer's
Atlas. It comes from the Rio Purus & across the
Amazon, in the Rio/Lago Manacapuru. A. sp.
Emerald/Alenquer is the same as A. cf. geisleri
(Smaragd/Emerald) collected around the city of
Alenquer, Brazil. A. sp. Rio Madiera isn't a name
that I'm familiar with. It could be any apisto
coming from the Rio Madeira. There is a form of A.
agassizii that it might be (A. cf. agassizii
Madeira), but it could be any of a number of
different species. "A. franki" is another
commercial name that I've never heard of either. I
don't like names like this because they make it
appear that the fish has a valid scientific name.
Right now there are over 300 apisto names that I
know about. If you can provide decent photos or
detailed descriptions of the last 2 named fish, I
might be able to ID them.

Mike Wise

Ray wrote:

> hi all-over the years i have aquired some
> apistos under wonderful names are these all
> location or collectors or have they been id-
> your help is req MR
> WISE----------------------------------APISTO-PETRO-DE-CANDERIAS-------------------------------------APISTO-ERDFESSER
> LYRETAIL--------------------------------------APISTO-FRANKI--------------------------------------------------------------APISTO-RIO-MADIERA----------------------------------------------------APISTO-EMERALD-ALENQER--------------------------------------------thanking
> you all in anticpation--scouse RAY

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