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Hey Ray, I know you've got some good lfs' near you, but come on, play the white man! I also know that a few members would be jealous of what I'VE got, but there is no doubt that I am VERY jealous now, I'll have to hop on to an Easyjet flight and come and hijack your fishroom:-).
Oh well, at least it's getting warmer again (we've had a couple of weeks in the mid teens ºC). I tell you what, I'll swap you a holiday in sunny spain for some of your apistos;-)

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<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>to all on list had another spawning of apisto GLAXIS plus have the chance to buy some import of young  apisto BALZSLECK can i push my luck and ask mr WISE and DIANE ap galxis is this a good name and any info on apisto balzsleck  thanks all scouse RAY </FONT></DIV>


They said "Smile, things could be worse." So I smiled, and sure enough...

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