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A. Iniridae

I while back I posted about some Iniridae that appeared to be guarding, unfortunately she was actually hiding from the male! Anyway, after realising my mistake I opened up one of the sections in their tank, allowing them to share with a group of Cruzis (I think they're all males). This gave the Iniridaes some dithers to play with and more space. I can't be absolutely sure yet, but I think that she may now be truly guarding. I can't get live food here (other than fruit flies) but they've been getting a regular diet of lots of the best frozen food I can find as well as 10% pure RO water changes daily.
It looks like the same technique might be about to produce some Crenicichla Notophthalmus fry for me too:-).
PS I may be just about to move house again, the bottom floor will be devoted to being my fish rooms:-)



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