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RE: Romer's atlas

hi Alex,
try my friend David Soares here in Oregon, USA:
Soft Water Dwarf Cichlids
David Soares & Uwe Romer
14697 S. Bluegrass Ln.
Sisters, OR 97759
Web Add/www. apistogrammaidiots.com
take care

Yvan Alleau
712 NW Kings Blvd
Corvallis, OR 97330
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
office (Burt 222): 737-3649, to be used wisely!
home: 738-0606


"When you're far from everything, you're getting closer to the essential"

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Hi all,
I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of Romer's Atlas.  I live in Australia and have been looking all over for a distributor.  Does anyone know of any Australian bookshops that stock it?  If not, can someone please tell me the publisher so I can follow up that way.
Alex Harper