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Re: Romer's atlas

The publisher is Mergus Verlag GmbH, the same
people who publish the Baensch Aquarium Any
distributor who gets the Aquarium Atlas should be
able to get the Cichlid Atlas. Mergus has a web
site & has information on it about how to contact
them. Ask about "Cichlid Atlas" by Dr. Uwe Römer,
ISBN 3-88244-056-2. Hope this helps.

Mike Wise

The Harpers wrote:

> Hi all,I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of
> Romer's Atlas.  I live in Australia and have
> been looking all over for a distributor.  Does
> anyone know of any Australian bookshops that
> stock it?  If not, can someone please tell me
> the publisher so I can follow up that
> way. Thanks,Alex Harper

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