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spawning incentives

Hey does anyone know if Earthquakes scares the hell out of fish ,
getting them to want to reproduce before dying??? lol

We just had a nice little quake here this morning, measuring a 5.1 on
the Richter scale. 
And i always said i lived here because of no tornados, no hurricanes, no
mudslides, no extreme heat, no earthquakes.... was a pretty safe place
to live weather wise.... so it gets cold, who cares.... we can always
turn the heat up....lol... but for those that didnt know, northern New
York is the other earthquake zone in this country.... the Adirondacks
are the oldest mountain range in the country and lie right on an old
fault... NYC lies on a fault that is inactive, should it ever go off....
major tradgedy would occur..  Oh well, was a nice wake up call this
morning at 6:55am... and i thought i left my stereo on too loud.... lol


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