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Re: Trifasciata again

Hello Tomoko

Congrats on your spawn.   I have to agree with Mike Jacobs about ease of
spawning fish.   We all have fish that we find hard to spawn.
Trifasciata was one of those "hard" species for me to spawn in the past.   

I dont believe there are any "Easy" species.   I believe that if you
give fish the proper water conditions with proper room and diet.. it
gives you a better chance to have the fish spawn.   I also believe that
cant always expect fish to spawn just because you have a pair...  I
really like to start with a group of juvies , let them grow up and and
pair off naturally.... just taking any male and female and putting them
together doesnt always mean you will have a compatable pair.   Once
during a presentation given by Catfish expert Ginny Eckstein, she said
that we as aquarist never spawn the fish, we just give them the proper
conditions and that they spawn on their own....  I like to live by those
words... I have had some pretty good luck getting my dwarf cichlid
species to spawn for me.... but i also have very good tap water that
seems to just suit my apistos... hence i give my credit to my spawning
sucesses to my water.   I also use a very varied diet of frozen , live
and prepared foods.  

Ok, im rambling here..... Congrats with your spawn...  I find
Trifasciata one of the prettier fish to keep... I just love any apisto
with those high spiked dorsal fins..


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