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Re: Trifasciata/Cutting terra cotta pots

My apistos dont seem to mind the flower pot lying on its side.... open
to the world.... mostly because i am then only person walking in front
of their tanks, and im at work quite often, so they get lots of
privacy!!  lol

I did find some flower pots that were round once... with about a 7 inch
top.... rounded down to the bottom.   I cut a U hole in the rim and
turned the pot upside down giving them a natural like cave with only one
opening for entering and leaving... my apistos always choose this pot
first for some reason... maybe for ease of defending the

I keep wanting to join some pottery club to spin my own flower pots...
but there isnt one in the local area.   Just my luck!!!!   Have a hard
time explaining what im making anyways lol.!!


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