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GPASI EVENT-off topic

Just a side note, as mentioned by JerryB, the Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society is putting on thier 55th anniversary show/auction this coming month, may 10-12(fri-sun).  And yea there will be some dwarfs guys in the audience for sure.  If you need more info please just contact me offlist.
We get JerryB from phili, and get john outa the tundra..he's been thawed out for a few weeks now!
Off topic, sorry but wanted to make sure those who might want to try to attend know about this event. Sorry for disruptions.
Mike Chappell 
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Hey John,
I just said, "I liked your article too." I was thinking of having it printed in my clubs newsletter too.
Relax buddy I'm learning here too.

Hey seriously is my TEXT coming out like HTML. I had a reminder today about using HTML. I didn't even know when I typed in regular AOL format that it actually came out in HTML.
Hey John you going to be in Pittsburgh on
May 12th? I'm going to give it a try my club has an Auction
on the 11th so I was thinking of going up to Pittsburgh for the day
a lot of nice Apisto people there.

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