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Re: Fish ID

I recognized the similarity with runpununi, too. Note the long ventrals and the placement of color on them and on the upper dorsal. Hauntingly similar. But I dismissed rupununi due to a single feature -- a subtle but disqualifying feature. Look at the vertical row of spots on the caudal. A. rupununi has about a dozen rows; yours and steindachneri have just over half that. Also, those rows run through all the caudal rays, on yours and on steindachneri they do not extend to the upper and lower rays.

Unless yours is a rather young specimen, its dorsal defies it being macmasteri (leading rays, length of trailer).


At 10:37 AM 4/27/2002, you wrote:
Well, I want to thank everyone who has looked at the photos and offered an
opinion. I went through Romer's key last night(twice) and it presented the
fish as either A. steindachneri or A. macmasteri. However, I also went through
every photo and drawing, and from I can see, it is VERY similar to the fish
on page 737, A. rupununi. So, is this a possible match? The tail is slightly
lyrate, with trailers.

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